Board of Health Hamilton County Public Health is governed by a five member Board of Health and day-to-day functions are carried out by the Health Commissioner. The Board has the authority to adopt rules, regulations and resolutions, which have the same status as law, and to enact policies within Hamilton County Public Health.

Board members are appointed to five-year, overlapping terms and at least one member must be a physician. According to Ohio Revised Code, all appointments to the Board of Health must be made with due regard to equal representation of all parts of the jurisdiction served by Hamilton County Public Health. In March of each year, the Board reorganizes, electing new officers and setting the time and location for the next year's meetings. 

Board of Health

Tracey A. Puthoff, Esq. - President (2011-2021)

Mark Rippe - Vice President (2009-2019)

Kenneth Amend, M.D. - Board Member (2010-2020)

Jim Brett - Board Member (2012-2017)

Thomas Chatham - Board Member (2013-2018)
Tracey A. Puthoff, Esq.


  Tracey A. Puthoff, Esq.