To keep the residents of Hamilton County safe from food borne illness outbreaks, Hamilton County Public Health licenses and inspects more than 2,300 food service operators.

Annual food service licenses, new licenses and temporary licenses are issued in Hamilton County, outside the cities of Cincinnati, Norwood and Springdale.
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Sanitarians inspect restaurants, grocery stores, schools and other facilities for proper food storage, handling, preparation and serving. Sanitarians also conduct food safety trainings for food service employees and investigate potential food borne illness outbreaks within the Health District's jurisdiction.

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  • Food Service Inspections
    Hamilton County Public Health licenses and inspects more than 3,000 food service operators
  • New & Renewal Licensing
    Information about opening a new food service operation and renewing a current license
  • Temporary Licensing
    Temporary licenses are required to prepare and sell food for 5 consecutive days or fewer in the same location
  • Mobile Licensing
    Information about obtaining a license for mobile food service operation.
  • Food Safety
    Follow these safety tips to ensure the food you prepare is safe to eat
  • Clean Kitchen Award
    Food service operators demonstrating excellence in food safety and sanitation