PipeCertified plumbing inspectors ensure and maintain the safety of our water supply. Hamilton County Public Health inspects backflow devices, water heaters, and new and remodeled plumbing installations. When complaints about incorrectly installed plumbing or permit compliance arise, inspectors investigate and work to remedy problems.

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All plumbing permit holders should review these important notices.

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Documents Required for a Plumbing Permit


For Contractors

Plumbing Contractor Registration

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2011 Ohio Plumbing Code

Ohio Plumbing Code 2011

Plumbing Code Amendment:

Ohio Plumbing Code Amendement


2014 Regulations Adopted by Board of Health

Regulation 3 - Revised Plumbing Fees

Regulation 4.1 - Rules and Regulations for the Maintenance, Installation and Inspection of Plumbing and Medical Gas Pursuant to the Ohio Revied Code, Section 3709.21

  • Commercial
    To receive a permit to install plumbing in Hamilton County, plumbers must meet certain requirements
  • Residential
    Residential plumbing permit information for homeowners and contractors
  • Backflow
    Backflow device testing information and prevention tips
  • Water Heater
    New and replacement water heaters are required to have a plumbing permit and inspection
  • Sump Pumps
    New and replacement sump pumps are required to have a plumbing permit and inspection
  • Abandoning Septic System
    When installing a new septic system or connecting to sewer, a permit is needed to abandon your current septic system
  • Contractor Registration
    Hamilton County Public Health requires a $10,000 performance bond for all contractors installing plumbing
  • Medical Gas
    The Plumbing Division inspects all Medical Gas Systems
  • Plumbers