Hamilton County Public Health sanitarians respond to nuisance complaints and conduct inspections at landfills and other solid waste disposal facilities within the District's jurisdiction. Additionally, sanitarians inspect tattoo and body piercing facilities and work with property owners in Hamilton County to reduce the potential for lead-related health issues.

  • Landfills
    Staff respond to complaints and conduct inspections and monitoring at landfills and other solid waste disposal facilities
  • Compost Facilities
    Staff inspect compost facilities to ensure proper waste acceptance, water management and material tracking
  • Infectious Waste Facilities
    Staff conduct inspections to ensure proper management of infectious waste
  • Tire Storage & Recovery Facilities
    Staff inspect automobile-related retail facilities that generate scrap tires as a result of their business
  • Open Dumping
    Open dumping is illegal. Report open dumps to the Health District
  • Lead Poisoning
    Waste Management conducts investigations of reports of lead poisoning in children under 6 years of age
  • Tattoo and Piercing Facilities
    Sanitarians inspect and license tattoo and piercing establishments to ensure safe and sanitary conditions are being maintained
  • Waste Haulers
    Anyone who collects and removes waste within HCPH's jurisdiction must obtain a permit