For more information call the Waste Management Division at (513) 946-7879.

Open dumping occurs when large quantities or piles of waste accumulate in areas not designed to handle such materials. Open dumping is illegal. Hamilton County has numerous facilities specifically engineered to safely dispose of certain types of waste.

When a suspected open dumpsite is reported to the Hamilton County Public Health, staff inspect the location and identify the type of waste. Staff then work closely with the responsible property owner to ensure proper disposal of the waste and clean up of the site. 


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Open Dump Sites

Open dumping can be found on private or public property. Some examples of areas that are potential sites for open dumping include: 

  • Road sides 
  • Ditches 
  • River beds 
  • Creek beds 
  • Secluded areas

Health and Envrionmental Hazards

Improper disposal of waste is not only unsightly, but it may affect the public health and the environment. The level of potential harm depends on the type, location and amount of waste identified at an open dump. Open dumpsites may: 

  • Attract animals 
  • Serve as mosquito breeding areas 
  • Pose safety concerns for children 
  • Harbor disease 
  • Create unpleasant odors 
  • Affect soil and water quality

Report Open Dumps

To report an open dump, contact Hamilton County Public Health at (513) 946-7879 or submit a report through our Web site.