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Emergency Notifications

During any emergency that requires the distribution of important information to the public or specific audiences, Hamilton County Public Health relies on many communication systems, including our own Health Alert Network (HAN). The HAN is a system used to notify members of the community about public health emergencies or other pertinent health information. Messages are typically delivered via fax or e-mail. By participating in Hamilton County Public Health’s HAN, you will receive information that may be vital to the health and safety of Hamilton County residents.

Contact us to join the Health Alert Network.

General Emergency Preparedness

Businesses Dispensing Medications

Businesses are an important partner for Hamilton County Public Health's emergency preparedness efforts. We are working to pre-identify businesses that can dispense or ‘push’ medications to groups of people. These Points of Dispensing Sites (PODS) are critical in emergencies in that they reduce the demand on public dispensing sites and contribute to an effective emergency response. “Push Dispensing” means that medications are pushed out to businesses and their employees and family members that they routinely serve in the work place or at home. These are Closed PODS and not open to the general public.

By coordinating a Closed POD, businesses provide a valuable service to employees and their families and the overall community. By participating, a business will increase the likelihood that their employees will come to work during an emergency, thus improving the organization’s ability to continue to function. This will also reduce the number of people that need to come to the open community PODS.

The Closed POD Planning Kit provides a detailed description of how to implement the program. It provides guidance on how to prepare your organization to dispense antibiotics, how you will be notified that the POD is activated, how to get the medications and what to do after the event.

If your business is interested in becoming a Closed POD, call 513-946-7874.

Pandemic Influenza Preparedness

General Information about Pandemic Influenza 

Planning Resources