Hamilton County Public Health (HCPH) introduced the Clean Kitchen Award in 2011. This award is available only to the top Food Service Operator/Retail Food Establishment licensed performers in facility sanitation and food safety education.

Facilities that feel they meet the standards as described below are encouraged to apply for this award.

The following criteria must be met to achieve the Clean Kitchen Award:

  1. Facility must have fewer than three violations in the previous two years prior to making application. 
  2. Facility must have no critical or repeat violations in the previous two years prior to making application.
  3. Facility must meet one of the following food education criteria:
  • 2 staff members must have a valid Level 1 Food Handler Certificate within the previous two year period; or
  • 1 staff member must have a current ServSafe or Level 2 Certificate.
  1. Facility must have two years of inspection data available.
  2. Facility must submit an application to HCPH office including documentation that they have met the food education criteria listed above. Applications are available on the right side of this page for download.

All applications will be reviewed for completeness, verified that all criteria have been met, and the facility will be notified by mail the status. If uncertain of facility violations, you may view past inspection data here
Any questions? Call Hamilton County Public Health at (513) 946-7800.

Clean Kitchen Inspection Video from Local 12

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Interactive Map of Clean Kitchen Award Winners

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