Hamilton County, OH……..Beginning Friday, March 20, Hamilton County Public Health will list COVID-19 case information on its website daily at 2 p.m. The website will have Hamilton County-specific numbers as well as state-wide numbers announced by the Ohio Department of Health. You can access the site at: www.hcph.org.

Following are today’s numbers:

Hamilton County Public Health Confirmed COVID-19 Cases*
HCPH Residents Non Resident Deaths
6 1 0
*HCPH’s jurisdiction does not include Cincinnati, Norwood and Springdale
Hamilton County Confirmed COVID-19 Cases from the Ohio Department of Health**
**Includes Cincinnati, Norwood and Springdale
Numbers are updated daily at  2p.m. (Last update (03/20/2020)







“We’re trying to make information easy-to-obtain,” says Greg Kesterman, interim Hamilton County Health Commissioner.  “We’re providing this service so that all of our partners – Hamilton County residents, the healthcare community, media – have regular access to the most up-to-date and accurate information for Hamilton County.”


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Hamilton County Public Health works to assure the 480,000 citizens living outside the cities of Cincinnati, Norwood and Springdale are safe from disease, injury and contamination.


Contact: Mike Samet, Public Information Officer
Phone: 513-946-7873
E-mail: mike.samet@hamilton-co.org