HAMILTON COUNTY, OHIO – Craig Davidson, MS, RS returns to Hamilton County Public Health (HCPH) as assistant health commissioner for Environmental Services.  Before joining Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in its infection prevention group, he served in several positions at HCPH.

Davidson was formerly a public health sanitarian prior to moving to the Epidemiology and Assessment Division as an epidemiologist and later, division director.  He then moved to assistant health commissioner for Community Health Services.

“We are pleased to have Craig back,” said Mark Rippe, president of the Hamilton County Board of Health. “He is a valued leader and his experience will allow him to hit the ground running during these challenging times for public health.”

Davidson has a BA in sociology from Indiana University and a MS in environmental science from the University of Cincinnati.

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Hamilton County Public Health works to assure the 480,000 citizens living outside the cities of Cincinnati, Norwood and Springdale are safe from disease, injury and contamination.