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Diane’s Restaurant in Covedale Embraces Safe Food Handling Practices

September 14, 2018

Hamilton County, OH……  While winning the Hamilton County Public Health Clean Kitchen Award is no easy task, Diane’s Restaurant in Covedale is on a run of six consecutive years of award-winning cleanliness!

“For us, it’s common sense,” says proprietor Alan East.  “If you wouldn’t do something in your own kitchen, don’t do it here; if you wouldn’t eat it, don’t serve it,” he consistently reminds his team. “Our younger employees see how we do it and learn, and then take pride when we win the Clean Kitchen Award.”

The requirements for receiving a Clean Kitchen Award are stringent.  To be considered, facilities must:

  • Have three or fewer violations in the previous two years prior to applying;
  • Have no “critical” or repeat violations in the previous two years;
  • Maintain at least two staff members with Level I Food Handler certification or at least one staff member with a current ServSafe certificate;
  • Submit applications along with corresponding documentation;
  • Have a minimum of two years of inspection data on file with Hamilton County Public Health.

“Clean Kitchen Award winners are the best-of-the-best when it comes to food safety,” according to Hamilton County Health Commissioner Tim Ingram.  “When you see the award on display where you dine, it points to an operator who takes food safety and sanitation very seriously.  If you don’t see the award when you are out to dine, ask the operator why.”

According to East, customers notice the award and cite it as a reason for return visits. “It has affected our business tremendously,” he says.  “Our business has really picked up because of it.  Customers see the award and say they feel safe dining in a clean restaurant. Our customers comment on it all the time.”

Restaurant inspection reports as well as Clean Kitchen Award-winning facilities can be viewed at: 

Hamilton County Public Health works to assure the 480,000 citizens living outside the cities of Cincinnati, Norwood and Springdale are safe from disease, injury and contamination.

Visit Diane’s online:

Media Contact: Mike Samet, 513-946-7803,


Posted by: Mike Samet