From left to right, the logos of the following agencies are displayed: Hamilton County Public Health, Hamilton County Addiction Response Coalition and the City of CincinnatiDaily Hamilton County overdose surveillance since September 30 has indicated some abnormal changes in overdose related activity causing suspicion for high levels of fentanyl in the drug supply. Between Saturday, 9/30 and Wednesday 10/5, there were 16 preliminary overdose deaths. Overdose ED visits increased on Tuesday, 10/4 with 10 visits and on Wednesday, 10/5 with 9 overdose ED visits.

Local public health partners and the Hamilton County Addiction Response Coalition are issuing this alert to increase community awareness.

  • Even if you are a recreational drug user, you are at risk for overdose and death.
  • Narcan is available and is not only designated for injection drug users.
  • FENTANYL MAY BE IN YOUR DRUG SUPPLY! Drugs such as cocaine, crack cocaine and methamphetamine likely contain fentanyl, the drug that can cause overdose and death.  A high supply of fentanyl puts all users at risk. WE HAVE SEEN MULTIPLE DEATHS IN PEOPLE USING DRUGS OTHER THAN OPIOIDS.
  • If you need Narcan, safe injection supplies, or fentanyl testing strips, please call 513-316-7725 or visit:
  • If you or someone you know overdoses, you should still call 911 – even if you administer Narcan.
  • In situations involving multiple individuals using drugs, make sure someone is available to administer Narcan.
  • Treatment providers are open and offering services in many innovative ways.  If you need help please call 513-281-7880.

We want to ensure that people know that help is available, Narcan is accessible, and safe injection supplies are available.

This alert should serve as a notice to service providers and first responders to consider adjusting response capacity and implementing necessary protective measures which should include:

  • Having available and using necessary personal protective equipment; and
  • Being prepared to use multiple doses of Narcan when necessary.