Points of Dispensing from the Strategic National Stockpile

In Case of a Public Health Emergency, Hamilton County Public Health will establish Points of Dispensing for distributing medicine and other necessities from the Strategic National Stockpile.


Preparing Makes Sense

From Aaron Skolnik for FEMA, this is a short instructional video explaining the key steps to emergency preparedness, including: being informed, making a plan, building a kit, and getting involved.


Make a Plan

A 2-minute video brought to you by the Ready Campaign and Ad Council showing people with disabilities taking charge to prepare themselves and their families for emergencies.

How To Assemble a Disaster Preparedness Kit

Preparing for a disaster helps everyone in the family accept the fact that disasters do happen. A disaster supply kit can help you and your family stay safe and comfortable during and after a disaster. View this video from Thomas Trace for FEMA.


Car Emergency Kit from Hamilton County Public Health

Every car should have an emergency kit – and not just for the winter months. Are your vehicles protected? We show you what your kit should contain in this informative video from Hamilton County Public Health.


Do you Know What to do in the Event of Severe Weather?

We all know #Cincinnati and Hamilton County are prone to severe weather! Do you know what to do? Hamilton County Public Health explains the difference between a watch and a warning, demonstrates a tornado warning siren and helps you prepare for a flood.

Winter is Coming – Prepare!

Winter is coming! Are you prepared? Build a kit. Make a plan. Be informed. Hamilton County Public Health shows you how in this short video!


Make Sure To Include Your Pets In Your Family Emergency Plans

This video, by Sandy Jasmund for FEMA, reminds us that pets are part of our families. So make sure to include items in your family emergency kit that your pet will need should disaster strike.


Preparing Makes Sense for People with Disabilities and Other Access and Functional Needs

From Aaron Skolnik  for FEMA, this is a unique instructional video containing information specific to Americans with disabilities or other access and functional needs regarding emergency preparedness.


Preparing Makes Sense for Older Americans

From Aaron Skolnik for FEMA, this is a unique instructional video containing information specific to Older Americans and tips on how to prepare for emergency situations.


Get Your Business Ready For Disasters

Developing a business disaster plan is essential to protecting your investment and your employees. View this video by Sandy Jasmund for FEMA to learn more.


Be Prepared For Emergencies At Work

Remember to make an emergency plan and assemble an emergency kit for work while you are making your family emergency plans. Learn how in this video by Sandy Jasmund for FEMA.