Hamilton County Public Health Guidelines for Social Workers, Home Health Care Nurses, and In Home Visitors

While scientific evidence does not show that bed bugs directly spread disease, bites that are not properly cleaned and treated can become infected and cause additional problems. The following information is strictly to be used as guidelines when entering a home or dwelling that currently has or is suspected of having bed bugs.

  1. Prepare for the visit by acquiring the following items:
    • Folding chair
    • Rubber boots or shoe covers
    • Latex gloves
    • Fanny pack
    • Large garbage / lawn bags
    • White garbage bags
    • Extra set of clothes / tyvex
  2.  Before entering the facility, put on rubber boots or shoe covers.
  3. Wear light colored clothing so you can observe any bed bugs on your person. If a home has a bad infestation, considering using a disposable tyvex suit so that it can be removed after the inspection.
  4. Do not bring in large bags or a large number of items (purses, medical bags, back packs).
    • Use fanny pack, limit items.
    • Keep items in garbage bags and sealed if needed in the dwelling.
  5. 5. When entering the facility do not sit on any furniture in the dwelling, use a folding chair that you bring with you to sit on.
  6. Wear latex gloves if you need to handle items in the dwelling.
  7. If assisting resident on a bed or couch, put down a white plastic garbage bag between yourself and the furniture.
  8. Limit your time in the dwelling.
  9. Examine yourself and clothing when leaving the dwelling and before entering your vehicle.
  10. Remove any affected clothes or tyvex, seal them in a plastic garbage bag, and launder personal clothing on a high heat setting. If tyvex was used, dispose of it at the residence.
  11. Put on extra set of clothing before entering your vehicle.
  12. Purchase box spring and mattress covers for your own bed.
  13. Be observant in your own home for a presence of bed bugs.
  14. Call Hamilton County Public Health with any questions or assistance.


If you have questions, please call our Environmental Health Division at (513) 946-7800.


Download a printable version of this fact sheet here.


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