Bedbug Guidelines for Travelers and Public Accommodation Facility Guests

Scientific evidence does not show that bed bugs directly spread disease. The following information is meant as guidelines when entering a public accommodation facility that has or is suspected of having bedbugs.

  1. Prior to traveling, call the local health department and inquire about any recent bedbug activity in the public  accommodation facility where you will be staying.
  2. Upon arrival at your public accommodation facility, ask the manager if they have had any recent bedbug activity or complaints.
  3. Before entering your room, leave all belongings in a vehicle or outside the room.
  4. Inspect the room thoroughly. Look for live bedbugs, shed skins, or fecal spots. Areas and furniture to inspect but should include:
    • Mattress and box springs
    • Frame or box of the bed
    • Dressers
    • Headboard of the bed (including screw holes and where boards intersect)
    • Baseboards and wall junctures
    • Sheets and pillows
    • Chairs and couches (zippers, cushions, and frame)
    • Closets and armoires
  5. If signs of bedbugs are observed, request a different room or your money back.
  6. Report all bedbug complaints to the local health department.
  7. If no bedbugs are observed, consider the following recommendations to protect your belongings:
    • Hang clothing in closet or leave in suitcase
    • Do not leave belongings on the floor
    • Do not put belongings/luggage in the dresser drawers
    • Consider storing all clothing/belongings in plastic sealed bags
  8. Upon leaving the public accommodation facility, inspect your luggage/affects prior to entering your vehicle or home.
  9. If bedbugs are observed, follow these recommendations:
    • Put all luggage/ belongings in a sealed trash bag
    • Launder your clothing through the normal washing and drying process
    • Vacuum all bedbugs off of luggage/ belongings outside of your home or vehicle
  10. Call the Hamilton County Public Health with any questions or assistance you might need


For more information about bedbugs, contact the Environmental Health Division at 513-946-7800.


Download a printable version of this fact sheet here.


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