Benefits of Connecting to the Sanitary Sewer

Connecting to the sanitary sewer benefits not only property owners, but the community as well.


Benefits to you and your community:

  • Cleaner waterways and local environment.
  • Improved protection of drinking and surface water.
  • Reduced occurrence of foul/septic odors.
  • Cost savings over routine maintenance, service, repair and operating cost of an onsite Sewage Treatment System (STS).
  • Elimination of dampness and/or seepage from the STS.
  • Property becomes more marketable to a wider percentage of the population, which can result in an increased property value.
  • Cost savings over replacing or updating the STS to meet the current standards.
  • Fewer disease carrying mosquitoes.
  • Reduced risks to public health.


What else to consider?

Entire STSs or their components often wear out and can have several common problems such as:

  • High Operating Costs – For many STSs, these can include routine pump-out charges, electrical usage costs, service/replacement costs for mechanical components and additional maintenance/permit costs.
  • Poor Wet Weather Performance – Many older homes have their downspouts, footer tiles, and/or area drains improperly connected to the STS. Additionally absorption fields of older STSs are not typically sized for water logged ground conditions.
  • Improper Maintenance – When improperly maintained, STSs will release excessive bacteria, viruses, solids, nutrients, grease and other contaminants into the environment, causing premature failure of absorption fields and/or pollution of surface and groundwater.
  • Odors – From pumping out sewage tanks or poorly maintained or failing STSs.
  • Site Limitations – Prevents home additions, construction of outbuildings or other upgrades to property since the STS would need updated or replaced.
  • High Replacement Cost – Today’s STSs must meet more stringent standards than existing systems met when they were installed. Materials, labor and equipment costs are higher, which leads to increased installation costs and operation/maintenance costs.



For more information about connecting to sanitary sewers, contact the Water Quality Division at 513-946-7966 or the Metropolitan Sewer District at 513-557-5914.


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