Dangers of Extreme Cold

Exposure to cold temperatures can result in serious or life-threatening health problems. Taking proper safety precautions are your best defense against extreme cold weather conditions and reduce the risk of weather-related health problems.


What are signs of frostbite?

  • Be aware of any loss of feeling, especially in extremities (fingers, toes, ear lobes and tip of nose).
  • Be aware of white or pale appearance, especially in extremities (fingers, toes, ear lobes and tip of nose).
  • If symptoms are detected, get out of the cold and seek medical help as soon as possible.


What are signs of hypothermia?

  • Be aware of uncontrollable shivering.
  • Signs of increasing hypothermia include memory loss, disorientation, incoherence, slurred speech and apparent exhaustion.
  • If symptoms are detected, get victim to warm location, replace wet clothing with dry clothing, and wrap the entire body in blanket. Seek medical help immediately.


What precautions can I take?

It is important that you dress warmly during winter periods.

  • Wear layers of clothes and a hat to maintain body heat.
  • Keep clothes dry – wet clothes lose their insulation value and lose heat rapidly.
  • Cover your mouth when going outdoors to protect lungs from extreme cold.



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