How Owners Can Document Sewage Treatment System Operation, Monitoring & Maintenance in Lieu of a Health District Inspection

A sewage treatment system (STS) owner may submit documentation of maintenance and compliance with the Operation, Monitoring and Maintenance requirements adopted by the Board of Health by doing all of the following:

  1. Prior to your regularly scheduled health district inspection, send an email to or a letter to HCPH indicating your intention to submit documentation of compliance with HCPH’s Operation, Monitoring and Maintenance in lieu of Health District inspection of your STS.
  2. Prior to your regularly scheduled Health District Inspection, submit documentation of Operation, Monitoring and Maintenance to HCPH which includes all of the following:
    1. Copies of all service and maintenance reports for the entire STS, dating back one year, performed by a Registered and Qualified Contractor with HCPH.
    2. Submit a signed copy of a valid and active service contract for the entire STS with a Registered and Qualified Contractor with HCPH.
    3. Submit a standardized checklist completed within the prior 30 days by Registered and Qualified Contractor with HCPH for the entire STS. The checklist must contain items inspected, problems found, corrections made or recommended by the contractor.
    4. The standardized checklist must contain a signed statement by the Registered and Qualified Contractor with HCPH that says the system is being operated, monitored and maintained in accordance with the Terms and Conditions adopted by the Hamilton County Board of Health under Resolution A-2022, a copy of which can be found here: RESOLUTION A
    5. Submit the Operation Permit Fee Payment, $23.00 for system with mechanical components or $48.00 for systems without mechanical components, which has previously been adopted by the Board of Health for system owners that submit documentation of maintenance in lieu of a health district inspection.

Once this information is submitted and reviewed, Hamilton County Public Health can issue an Operation Permit or conduct a compliance inspection of the STS in accordance with the adopted Board of Health policies and standards. There would be no inspection fee if a compliance inspection was performed unless problems were found with the system and a follow-up visit was needed. Once issued, unless suspended or revoked, mechanical system operation permits are valid for 1 year and non-mechanical are valid for 58 months.

Download a printable version of this fact sheet here.


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