When to get a Plumbing Permit

Doing home improvements? Need a plumbing permit? These jobs require a plumbing permit…


You Need to Get a Plumbing Permit When You:

  • add or remodel bathroom/kitchen
  • add or replace sump pump/water heater
  • replace toilet/sink/shower valve
  • install permanent whirlpool/hot tub
  • add or replace dishwasher or garbage disposal
  • install permanent irrigation system
  • install yard hydrant


Can a homeowner get a permit?

Yes, under some circumstances, if you:

  • own and live in a single family residence where work will be completed
  • continue to live in the single family residence for one year after work is completed
  • complete the work yourself
  • live in Hamilton County outside the city of Cincinnati.


If you meet these requirements, you will need to complete copies of the following:

  • The Homeowner’s Information and Agreement Form
  • Application for Permit to Install Plumbing

These forms are available online at

If you do not meet these requirements, you must hire a registered and bonded plumbing contractor to do the work. A searchable list of registered and bonded plumbing contractors is available on our Web site,



For more information, call the Plumbing Division at 513.946.7854 or visit


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