Sump Pumps

A sump pump is a pump located in the lowest part of your basement and helps keep your basement dry. Clear water sump pumps normally receive the discharge from footing or perimeter tile from around the outside of your home. These sump pumps are sometimes installed by basement waterproofing contractors.


Where should the sump pump discharge?

Your sump pump may discharge to a natural ravine or gully on your own property; water shall discharge a minimum of 15 feet from any property line on your lot. Water may also discharge to roadway ditches or storm sewers where possible.

Discharging your sump pump into a storm sewer is the ideal situation, unfortunately, they are not available in all areas. Contact your city/county maintenance department to see if a storm sewer is available in your area.

The sump pump may not, under any circumstances, discharge into a paved or unpaved street, road, alley, parking lot, building sewer or sanitary main line.


Do I need a permit and/or inspection to install a sump pump?

Yes, both a plumbing permit and inspection are required to install a sump pump.


Where do I get a permit?

You can obtain a permit by calling the Plumbing Division at Hamilton County Public Health at 946-7854.


How do I schedule an inspection?

You may schedule an appointment by calling Hamilton County Public Health’s Plumbing Division at 946-7854.



If you have any questions call Hamilton County Public Health Plumbing Division at (513) 946-7854 or visit us online at


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