Leaking Dumpster

Commercial Waste Handling and Good House Keeping

Faulty or improperly placed waste containers can be a significant cause of pollution. From bottles and cans to plastic bags to grease and leachate. The impact on the environment can be substantial. The commercial dumpster/trash compactor is a large contributor to this type of pollution, despite the fact that its designed to prevent such pollution. Only when used correctly will a commercial dumpster/trash compactor prevent these types of pollutants from impacting the surrounding environment. Following these Best Management Practices or BMPs will ensure that your operations do not cause damage to the very community you serve. 


Resulting impact to nearby stream

Garbage and Grease Receptacle Placement:

  • Place on a flat surface
  • Away from storm sewer inlets
  • Away from streams and drainage ways
  • If possible, place under cover
  • Enclose with fencing to prevent tampering or unlawful dumping
  • Place away from vehicular traffic


Garbage and Grease Receptacle Maintenance:

  • Inspect receptacle weekly for leaks
  • Keep lids and doors closed at all times
  • Keep sliding doors lubricated for easy opening and closing
  • Ensure there is enough capacity for each shift
  • Have the dumpster emptied regularly
  • If receptacle is used for disposing of vegetable matter or meat wastes, empty often during the warmer months of the year
  • After receptacle is emptied, ensure spillage did not occur
  • If receptacle is found to be defective, have it replaced immediately


Cleaning Up Spills:

  • Never use wet cleanup methods
  • If a spill occurs, apply absorbent cleanup materials and sweep up waste
  • Keep absorbent clean-up materials near by


Employee Training:

  • Instruct employees not to handle more than they are capable of safely handling
  • Ensure employees know where to find absorbent cleanup materials
  • Explain to employees that their everyday activities can impact nearby waterways
  • Provide training for your employees on BMPs and pollution prevention
  • Contact Hamilton County Public Health about employee training opportunities; 513-946-7868.


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