Water Heater Permits and Inspections

Hamilton County homeowners and property owners – are you aware that all new and replacement water heaters, once installed, are required to have a plumbing permit and inspection?


How will I get my water heater inspected if no one is home on weekdays?

HCPH staff have scheduled the second Saturday of every month to inspect water heaters for customers who are not available for a weekday inspection. To schedule a Saturday inspection call 513-946-7800.


Why are permits and inspections necessary?

Water heaters that are installed improperly may:

  • result in structural water damage
  • malfunction
  • catch fire
  • release carbon monoxide into your home
  • cause serious injury or death


About the inspection:

The plumbing inspector will inspect:

  • the water heater appliance to see that it is compliant with the Ohio Plumbing Code
  • the water pressure
  • the safety devices on your water heater


Who obtains the permit?

If a hardware store (Lowes, Home Depot, etc.) or a contractor is installing your water heater, make sure they obtain a plumbing permit. If you – the homeowner of a single-family residence – are installing the water heater yourself, you may be eligible to obtain a “Homeowners” permit. Contact the Plumbing Division at 513-946-7854 or visit us on the Web at for more information.


How do I schedule an inspection after a permit has been obtained?

Hamilton County Public Health (HCPH) will send you a postcard with the permit information and our phone number. Just call the listed number to schedule an inspection.


Download a printable version of this fact sheet here.


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