Caracole House

Caracole House has been offering transitional housing and case management services for homeless, low- income adults living with HIV/AIDS since 1988. The House is a four-unit apartment building that accommodates up to 11 individuals, each with a private bedroom within a three-bedroom suite. Food, linens and supplies are provided. In addition, an evening meal is prepared for community residents and food is supplied for other meals. Clients at Caracole House receive intensive case management and referral services.


Shelter Plus Care

Shelter Plus Care serves more than 250 clients, caregivers and children, making is Caracole’s largest housing program. It is a rent subsidy program offering a permanent housing solution for homeless individuals and families with an adult member living with HIV/AIDS. Caracole provides case management and supportive services to help these individuals and families find and maintain safe housing, stay together and live as independently as possible.


Permanent Supportive Housing

Permanent Supportive Housing is a rent subsidy program that serves HIV+ individuals who are considered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to be ‘unstably housed.’ Similar to Shelter Plus Care, in addition to the rental subsidy, clients in our Permanent Supportive Housing program also receive comprehensive case management and referral services.


Short- Term Rent, Mortgage and Utility Assistance (STRMU)

STRMU is a short-term, needs-based intervention to prevent homelessness and promote housing stability for individuals living with HIV/AIDS in our region. The objective is to assist HIV+ individuals with housing costs and support during HIV-related financial crises.