Public Health Complaints Online


Anyone is now able to view information regarding confirmed
public health complaints performed by the Health District (Hamilton County, excluding the cities of Cincinnati, Norwood, and Springdale).  Public health complaints range from topics about restaurants and swimming pools, to open dumps and septic systems. Please note that inspection results are updated weekly and show nuisance complaints from January 1, 2014 to the time of the last update.

To view confirmed public health nuisance complaints, click on the below link, which will display a county map of all confirmed complaints since January 1, 2014. From this map, you can view an area of interest with the zoom tool or by performing a property address search located in the upper left corner. 


To view a map of public health nuisance complaints, please go to the CAGIS Portal.


What information will I find in the Nuisance Complaint map and investigation results table?

In this viewable map, properties that have been investigated and determined to have/had a valid nuisance by HCPH staff will have an orange circular dot. By clicking on one of the orange markers a pop-out window will appear containing the following information:


Title Line: Indicates whether the nuisance has been Abated (Closed), Referred to Another Agency, Condemned, or Merged (Combined with a Related Nuisance).  If blank, Open.
Date the Complaint Was Received: The date that HCPH received (via a phone call, emails, or fax) the complaint from a citizen.
Near Address (not necessarily nuisance location):





The address reported by the complainer.  This address is a reference for the investigator but not necessarily the location where the nuisance has occurred.
Complaint Validity: The investigator was able to confirm a nuisance has occurred.  Only complaints that could be confirmed are included in this map.
Nuisance Disposition: If populated, indicates the nuisance has been mitigated.  If blank, indicates the problem may still be occurring.
Nuisance Disposition Date: If populated, indicates the date the nuisance was mitigated.
Nuisance Type: Summarizes the type of nuisance complaint that was reported.
Jurisdiction: Political jurisdiction the complaint was reported to be in.
Street: Street the complaint was reported to be on.
Nuisance Complaint Report Number: The unique identifying number of the complaint.



It is important to understand, that inspection information provided here shows only the conditions of the public health nuisance complaint at the time of the inspection. Locations for the complaints are based on a geocoding process (using the provided address) and therefore may occasionally not be accurate. Often the address provided by the person reporting a complaint is not necessarily the location of the nuisance. This address is used by the investigator as reference/starting point for the investigation.


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