For information on the Affordable Care Act, we recommend going to They also have a 24-hour consumer hotline at 800-318-2596. (For help in Spanish, visit

Other places to get help with the Affordable Care Act

Freestore Foodbank at 112 East Liberty Street, Cincinnati, Ohio;  (513) 482-4INS (4467); (513) 357-4633;

Clermont County Recovery Center, 1088 Wasserman Wy #C, Batavia; 513-735-8100

Boone County Neighborhood Center, 6555 Nicholas St., Florence; 859-586-9250

Campbell County Neighborhood Center, 437 W. 9th St., Newport; 859-431-4177

HealthPoint Family Care, 1001 Scott Blvd, Covington; 859-655-6100


Affordable Care Act Video – Marketplace for Individuals & Families


Additional Resources