Please see the attached fact sheet for information about our inspections during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Staff inspect mechanical household sewage treatment systems yearly and non-mechanical systems every five years. Water quality technicians determine system location, check for proper system maintenance and operation, and provide helpful information to system owners.  Staff also help home buyers avoid unforeseen repair or replacement costs by offering a voluntary septic system inspection service prior to the purchase of a home.

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Routine Inspection Program

Hamilton County Public Health began an operational permit program of household sewage treatment systems (septic systems) in 1994. The permit program began with the inspection of aerobic treatment units and was expanded in 1996 to include all household sewage treatment systems located within the jurisdiction of the Health District (mechanical and non-mechanical).

Each year, Health District Environmental Health Specialists inspect approximately 14,000 new and existing septic systems in Hamilton County.


Sewage Treatment System Inspection Results Online

Anyone is now able to view the results of sewage treatment system (STS) inspections performed by the Health District (Hamilton County, excluding the cities of Cincinnati, Norwood, and Springdale).  Please note that inspection results are updated weekly and show the most current inspection at that time of the last update.

To view the inspection results, use the map below to search for a property address.  Once a property is displayed, click on the red, green, black or yellow “points” to view the information about the sewage treatment system.

View map here.