If you are installing a new sewage treatment system (STS) or connecting to sanitary sewer, you will need to obtain a permit to properly abandon your current system. Call (513) 946-7966 for more information.  If you are connecting to sanitary sewer, you will also need to obtain a permit through the Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD). Call (513) 244-1330 for more information.

Any person is required to abandonment the STS in accordance with the Requirements of the Ohio Administrative Code 3701-29-21.  An Application to Abandon STS must be obtained and fee paid prior to the abandonment.  The following must be verified at the site by our inspectors:

  1. All contents of the STS tanks must be removed by a Registered Septage Hauler. (submit pumping record)
  2. If applicable, solid materials such as filter material, mechanical devices or other STS components, shall be taken to an approved solid waste disposal facility or otherwise legally disposed of or reused in a manner that prevents a public health nuisance and contamination of ground or surface water.
  3. Upon removal of their contents, all tanks or vessels shall be abandoned by one of the following methods:
    • The top shall either be completely removed or collapsed and at least one side collapsed to prevent containment of water in the abandoned tank or component. The resulting void shall be filled to the ground surface with inert and nonhazardous materials such as gravel or other coarse aggregate, or soil in an amount and manner that compensates for settling and prevents ponding of surface water;
    • The tank or component shall be completely filled with compacted inert material of sufficient strength and volume to prevent settling, collection of water, and/or collapse. All access points to the abandoned tank or component must be permanently secured or sealed.
  4.  If applicable, HCPH will physically verify that all plumbing is directed to an approved treatment facility.


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