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Lead Poisoning Prevention

Waste Management conducts investigations of reports of lead poisoning in children under 6 years of age. Certified Lead Risk Assessors inspect homes for potential lead risks from exposure to lead-based paint, dust, soil, or water.

View this Lead Poisoning Fact Sheet in English for more information.

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Hamilton County Public Health was awarded $2 million from the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) for the Lead Hazard Reduction Grant Program.  Funding is available to reduce lead paint hazards in homes built before 1978, as well as address healthy housing issues such as ventilation and moisture control. This program is available for low-income families who have a child under the age of 6 years old, a pregnant woman, or where a child under 6 years old spends time. There are no fees or out of pocket expenses in most cases to participate in this program. Click the arrow below for instructions on how to apply!

Location Requirements

Eligible applicants must live in Hamilton County, excluding the cities of Cincinnati, Norwood, and Springdale.

For more information on locations within Hamilton County Public Health’s jurisdiction, go to Who We Serve

Pre-Screening Eligibility Requirements

  • The home is a single family or multi-family property (4 units or less) built before 1978.
    • The property must have one or more bedrooms per unit (No efficiency apartments).
  • Residents must be at or below 80% of the area median income (AMI).
  • The household must include either a child under the age of 6, a pregnant woman, or have a child under the age of 6 that regularly visits the home for 6 of more hours per week.
    • Priority will be given to homes occupied by a child under the age of 6 whose blood lead level is 5 μg/dL or greater.
  • The home can be owner occupied or rental housing.
  • Property taxes and mortgage payments (if applicable) must be current.
  • Utilities including water and electricity must be on and available

Post Lead Hazard Reduction Requirements

To be eligible for this grant, owner-occupied units must keep the property as their primary residence for 3 years after work is completed.

Owners of rental units must make units available to low-income families, with priority given to renters with children under six, for 3 years after work is completed.

How to Apply

You care about the health of your family, and we want to help make your home a safer and healthier place. If you, or someone you know, meets the requirements stated above, we want you to apply!

To get started:

  1. Download the Cover Letter for more information about the application process and necessary documents.
  2. Download and complete the Property Application, Occupant Information, Relocation Information and Visiting Child Form electronically or by printing and clearly filling them out.
  3. Send in your Property Application, Occupant Information, and all other required documents.
    • Electronic forms can be emailed to:
    • Printed forms can be dropped off at or mailed to:
      People Working Cooperatively
      4612 Paddock Rd
      Cincinnati, OH 45229

For any questions or assistance with applications, reach out to People Working Cooperatively at or call them at (513)366-4697. For additional questions or assistance, reach out to us at or call us at (513) 946-7879.



New Opportunity from the Ohio Department of Health

The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) lead program has funding to remove lead paint hazards from homes built before 1978. The goal is to help protect families with Medicaid eligible children and/or Medicaid eligible pregnant women against the dangers of lead paint hazards.

Call 1-877-532-3723 for more information.

Free Paint Chip Testing

Hamilton County Public Health offers free paint chip testing.  Click this link for more information.


Lead Risk Assessments

  • When an elevated blood lead level (>10 ug/dl) in a child under 6 years old is identified, this triggers the need for a lead risk assessment to determine what sources of lead exposure exists in the home.
  • The risk of lead contamination is primarily found in homes built prior to 1978 that are in poor condition. Children 6 years of age or younger are most at risk from the presence of lead due to their behavior at this early age. For example, babies and young children often put their hands and other objects in their mouths. These objects can have lead dust on them.
  • A certified Lead Risk Assessor visits the premises to check for the presence of lead hazards from potential sources such as lead-based paint, which may be present in dust and soil. Lead can also be found in older water systems containing lead pipes. The lead risk assessor determines potential exposures of lead during the assessment by performing a comprehensive analysis of all possible sources.
  • A Health Educator accompanies the Lead Risk Assessor to provide education about the health risks associated with lead exposure and tips on how to limit the effects of lead exposure, including hand hygiene, cleaning and nutritional information.


Common Sources of Lead Poisoning from Residential Property

Please click this link to view photos of common sources of lead from residential property.


HEPA Vacuum Loan Program

Hamilton County Public Health loans HEPA vacuum cleaners at no charge ($100 refundable deposit required) to assist property owners with lead cleanup and removal. Please call the Health District’s Waste Management Division at (513) 946-7879 for more information.

Learn More



Free Lead Testing for Children Who are Seen in our Immunization Clinics

Free lead testing is available for children age 6 years and under who are seen at our immunization clinics at Hamilton County Public Health.  Learn more…



Lead Hazard Control Orders

Please click this link to view Lead Hazard Control Orders


Lead-Safe Cleaning with a HEPA Vacuum