If you are constructing a home or business that will not be connected to a sanitary/public sewer system, you will need to install a sewage treatment system (septic system). All new subdivision plans and individual plots unable to access sanitary sewer lines are reviewed by Health District Environmental Health Specialists. Environmental Health Specialists review the soil and topography of the plot and make recommendations on the type of system to be installed. Additionally, staff conduct inspections for room additions and work with property owners throughout the process of replacing failing household sewage treatment systems (see section below).


Sewage Treatment System technology has made great advances in the last several decades and Hamilton County Public Health has a nationally recognized inspection program. There are many steps that go into the design and installation of a septic system, and a system that works for one property may not work for another.


The following information should help you through the process of designing and installing a new septic system. Should you have questions, Water Quality staff are available to help.


Sewage Treatment Designers and Soil Evaluators in Hamilton County

Hamilton County Public Health recommends hiring a household sewage treatment system designer who is familiar with the requirements of the State of Ohio and additional requirements of this office. The following is a list of household sewage treatment system designers known by this office.


Replacing a Failing Septic System

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A malfunctioning household sewage treatment system creates both a public health and environmental nuisance.


Contractors and Installers

All contractors must be registered and bonded to install sewage treatment systems in Hamilton County.

For complete information on replacing or repairing a household sewage treatment system, please review the Household Sewage Treatment System Installer’s Manual.


Additional Information on Replacing A Failing STS

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