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Harm Reduction Program

Hamilton County Public Health is dedicated to helping our community during the addiction crisis.  Substance use can lead to an increase in hepatitis, HIV, and sexually transmitted infections. Our Harm Reduction program is here to offer compassion, education, and resources to the community.

Text NARCAN or Harmreduction to 22999 for more information about our programs

What is a Harm Reduction Program?

Harm Reduction is a community framework that tries to remove negative consequences related to drug use.  Our harm reduction program offers a comprehensive, community based program that provides disease prevention, education and referral services, including:

  • Substance abuse education
    • Overdose prevention
    • Access to NARCAN (Naloxone)
    • Injection education
    • Safe injection equipment and disposal (Syringe Services Program)
  • Safe sex education
    • Hepatitis vaccinations
    • Personal care items like condoms
    • Referral for treatment for diseases like hepatitis, HIV and other STIs
  • Referral for pregnancy testing and sexual healthcare
  • Maternal health education
  • Referrals to providers for medical, mental health, and addiction treatment services

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), people who inject drugs and use a Harm Reduction Program are FIVE times more likely to enter treatment for substance use disorder and are more likely to reduce or stop injecting.


Recovery Connections (Click the photo to log-in)

Link to Recover Connections. Forum provides opportunties for networking and resource gathering for recovery professionals.