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  • We distribute naloxone and offer trainings to residents, community partners, organizations, businesses, schools, etc. at no cost
  • Mail order program (available to Hamilton County residents only)
  • First responder agencies: fire, ems, police for use on runs
  • Leave behind program: naloxone, fentanyl test strips, first aid supplies, and resource card that can be left at behind at the scene with an individual who has overdosed or their family members
  • Service entities: organizations can store naloxone as a part of their first aid kit for emergency use

Fentanyl Test Strips

  • Partnership with local bars, restaurants, music venues, and businesses to supply fentanyl test strips to their patrons. Container with FTS packets are provided to the partners to be placed where they prefer in their establishment
  • Available by mail – Text “FTS” to 22999 to order

Secure drug disposal

  • Safely dispose of unused or expired medications with deterra pouches. Deterra pouches eliminate threat of substance misuse and allow medications to be safely disposed of in the trash.
  • We offer deterra pouches to organizations and individuals in Hamilton County

Recovery Connections Forum

  • A thread for mental health and recovery professionals and those acquainted with to find support, resources, and community for helping people recover from addiction. This site serves a platform to network and build relationships that foster a culture of service and commitment. Members are encouraged to share any resources, events, career opportunities and continuing education events.

On The Front Lines (meeting and online forum)

  • A community of practice where mental health, addiction and recovery professionals can find support, resources, and community guidance for helping people recover from addiction. The group was created by other substance use professionals, and serves a platform where we can help one another, but most importantly, help those still suffering from substance use disorder.
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Monthly in person networking luncheon