Hamilton County Public Health is part of a county-wide initiative to improve maternal and infant health and to reduce infant mortality— a significant, troubling problem in Hamilton County.  In order to take effective actions to improve the health and safety of infants and children in our community, it is essential to identify, describe and monitor these problems and the populations at risk. Our epidemiologists work to monitor and report the frequency of infant deaths and the associated risk factors such as pre-term birth; visit our reports page to review the most recent monthly reports (click here). Maternal and Infant Health data is also available through our Community AHEAD program tool (below).  Our division also provides analytical services to support the shared objectives of other agencies; please see the Child Fatality Review Reports (click here).


HCPH also partners with Cradle Cincinnati in an effort to reduce infant mortality in Hamilton County. We strive to prevent prematurity by increasing the amount of time between each woman’s pregnancies to 18 months or longer.  We encourage the reduction or eradication of tobacco use and other substance abuse in pregnancy. And finally, we promote safe sleep for babies. Babies should always sleep Alone, on their Back and in a Crib every time they sleep.

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